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Readings: Scientific Biography and Chinese History

A long time without updates again, being sick and on vacation made me do…not much, I seriously needed some time to recuperate and honestly need some more, but next week it is back to work again.

I lately read the book: Die Gerichtsmedizinerin. Wie die Wissenschaft Verbrecher überführt by Elisabeth Türk, in English the title would be something like: The forensic doctor. How science solves crime.DIGITAL CAMERA

It is a kinda biographic book of a forensic doctor who worked in Luxembourg, northern Germany and England. She writes of cases she worked on and what kind of examinations she performed on crime victims. She also extrapolates what can be learned from a body and what not. It gives the general name and function of the applied procedures,but spares the reader the technical details. Which makes for a better read, yet I had hoped for more specifics.

It is well written and some tales are heartbreaking when you read what happened, as these are real life stories and no fiction. In the end I felt better informed about the job and mankind (which did not better my oppinion of our species), so I can recommend it.

Nexton my list is this thing:


It is a introductionary reader to the topics and questions of sinology, which I borrowed from a friend. It is full of texts about chinese studies, what they are, what they were and what they are dealing with. I missedout on this lecture back in my college time, so I am excited to finally read it.


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