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Making Friends 102 cont.

So back to topic. You will have guessed it, here the same reasons apply, as with the garbage man. The snack vendor occupies a crucial place in our society. Millions … Continue reading

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劇のために for the theatre

In German theatre is also called: „Die Bretter die die Welt bedeuten.“, which roughly translates as „The planks that mean the world“. Planks being the wooden planks which make up … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: Something wicked this way comes

So fickle as I am I let myself to be persuade to start yet another game: Malifaux. Back in the day the miniatures were quite fugly, but just as the … Continue reading

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Reading: German History

Yes I am alive, I have been quite busy with training for and being on stage with my troupe. We are only layplayers but theatre takes it time – as … Continue reading

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Haiku 09.05.2015

光虫(ひかりむし)ら ホムに一人(ひとり)で 川之音(かわのおん) Insekten im Lichte Alleine an der Haltestelle das Geräusch des Flusses   Insects in the Light Alone on the platform The river´s sound

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For the mon…ahem people: NeoTerra: A Viral Outbreak and something about Aliens and AI

The first warning sirens of a contamination alert were hardly fading, when already the Bolts set foot on the scene. Whatever had happened, Chris Bolton and his gang were here … Continue reading

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Making Friends 101 cont.

Greeting the garbage man. Well, thought about it? Why do I deem this important? A good question indeed. For me it boils down to respect, plain and simple. There are … Continue reading

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