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For the mon…ahem people: NeoTerra: A Viral Outbreak and something about Aliens and AI

The first warning sirens of a contamination alert were hardly fading, when already the Bolts set foot on the scene. Whatever had happened, Chris Bolton and his gang were here to clean it up.

— Tagline of the news about the incident on the 1st of May, Frontlinenews, Mayanet

Today we played Viral Outbreak from the Dire Foes pack, only one model got infected, a hidden Hexa…

Here the board. The building in the middle is indefinetly high and had doors on all four sides (not the ones visible here no;)


My glorious NeoTerra so went out to face the evil eastern demons. Here is who rode out:

Chris Bolten: Bolt Hacker; Romina Perente: Bolt (Drop Bears), Anakoni Muaran: Bolt

Seraph McCoulson: Indigo (Bipandra); Charles Kapinsky: Machinist; Javier Chevalier: Swiss Guard

Puelo Müller: Auxillia (FO), Pierra Hejan: Auxillia (FO) and “The Roman” Aquila Lt

also an unidentified individual with a Spitfire: Hexa


The quick deployment of the force took aback the waiting army of Yu Jing, which was le by no other than Sun Tzu himself. So the NeoTerrans took Initiative, but were on the backfoot (Command token took down two orders). The left flank was held by an Auxilia, the Machinist and the Hexa. In the middle were the Bolts and the doctor, on the right the Aquila and an Auxilia, supported by the hidden Swiss made ready to attack.

Facing them were two groups of enemies

1: Sun Tzu Mk2 Lt, Sophotect, Su Jian, HMG and FO Remote, Wu Ming (BS) 2 Yudbots

2: 2 Kuang Shi, 5 CG (1 Hacker, 1 Control Device)


Turn 1:

I don´t know why but his obvious LT stood on a roof, without cover, I asked my opponent if he really wanted him there and he was confident in Sun Tzes abilities. Sadly he stood directly opposite to my Swiss and I proceeded to do something I always wanted to do since I play this game: Fire a Missile Launcher from TO Camo. So Javier moved up a bit into line of sight and surprise shot Sun Tze, he tried to dodge but: DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA

First order Lt kill, of to a good start. Next Javier took down the HMG Remote and the Yudbot next to it. Then I moved the Bolts and Chris wanted to activate the Decontamination chamber, I didn´t saw the Su Jian down the lane and a Panzerfaust took care of NeoTerras golden boy:(DIGITAL CAMERASee no Chris anymore.

Suddenly something moved next to Pierra on the left flank and a Hexamoved around the crates. It started directly beneath the only viral marker we had and got infected. Great. DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERAHe then shot down one CG, the link leader, and positioned himself to hold the lane.


A coordinated order brought the Doctor, The Hexa (included in the above), an Auxillia and the Aquila into better positioning. In order to to that Seraph used the Bolts as living shield, as the Su Jian could not see through them in order to fire at her.


Then “The Roman” put up suppressive fire. finito.


Being in LoL he made two orders regular an the Kuang Shi ran forward first. The Su Jian took down Romina (I so had looked forward to throw mines:( ) and the Hexa, after he had dodged the Chain Rifle of the Kuang Shi. DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERAThe CG took up better positions, and the Sophotect activated a Decontamination chamber. DIGITAL CAMERAFinito.

Turn 2

The Hexa didn´t die from poison and the new viral zones were far from being dangerous.

I brought Seraph and Pierra forward, with the other Auxilla and the Aquila moving along as well (coordinated) and tried to shot the Kuang Shi, he dodged the Auxillia and survived the hit from the doctor. He fell prone and out of sight.DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA

Another coordinated order saw the Doctor activating the Chamber and her, and an Auxillia touching one of the doors, the Swiss and Aquila moved as well.

DIGITAL CAMERAThe Swiss killed the Kunag Shi on the outer left flank and the Wu Ming before that.DIGITAL CAMERAI know I haven´t written about him yet, this is the building Sun Tzu stood upon.

My Doctor and Auxillia proceeded to fail three times to open the doors of the objective room. With his own order the Aquila went into the kill zone, getting AROed by the Su Jian (Panzerfaust), a CG and the Sophotect. DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA

The CG critted, Su Jian and Aquila missed each other and Sophotect lost one wound. Finito.

Having a new Lt, first his Kuang Shi made a show of not getting shot and Coup de Grace the Hexa (who thankfully hadn´t succumbed to the infection), 1 more point to him. DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA
The Su Jian, Sophotect and FO Remote tried to dislodge the Aquila, the Sophotect died and the Aquila took cover. .DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERAThe Su Jian than moved to threaten the doors, should I open them and tried to gun down the Bolt on the way. Anakoni survived. DIGITAL CAMERA

DIGITAL CAMERAThen his CG went to bed (all laid down to give the Missile launcher a bad shot at them.DIGITAL CAMERAFinito.

Last turn and more viral templates.

I had to get rid of the Su Jian. So Javier moved up took a crit from the FO Remote on the way and proceeded  to put a Missile between the CG.DIGITAL CAMERAHitting on 18s really is somewhat perverted. DIGITAL CAMERA“The Roman” proceeded to destroy the FO Remote to clear the path, active Lts are really practical. Then Javier ran up and shot the Su Jian, who exploded with a critical hit and another failed save. DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA I think I celebrated at this point. Yet I was still behind on points. It took my Doctor three more attempts to finally open the door, yes that are 5 failed rolls against 13, three of them in a row with an 18. With my last order the Doctor and the Auxillia at the door coordinated into the room, took control of the Hazmat, while Puelo got shot by a CG on the way, saved with a 19 and activated the Console with a 1, finally sealing of the viral chambers. Close Call.DIGITAL CAMERA (The templates here are the viral zones.) Finito.

He had three models left, was in retreat and only one specialist who would have to go through the Aquila, Swiss, an Auxillia and the doctor to reach the objective, so he conceeded. The final score was 8:2 , but I literally won on the last order. That is a good sign.

Next time he will not have Sun Tze stand around in the open.

So my first game was a swooping victory and now that I finally can play around with TO, I can revel in it. Payback for all these Ninja attacks from him. Even so my Swiss killed 7 of his troops, TO Missile launchers are really beasty.

After that we proceeded to test out his Morats. I gave him choice of enemy and he chose Steel Phalanx. The short version, I lost Eudoros and a Myrmidon, his Sogarat did not revive on a 20 and my Myrmidon Officer killed 4 Morat on her own. Also first time ever all my Netrods landed where they should. His dice also really kicked him. Morat are a tough breed to master, so I said to him not to despair and to buy some Daturazi;) Enjoy the pictures, the one with the dice are the Vanguard rolls to hit Eudoros on a 5.


Also I love CC.

Hope that was entertaining.


One comment on “For the mon…ahem people: NeoTerra: A Viral Outbreak and something about Aliens and AI

  1. 40kterminatus
    May 2, 2015

    Looked like good fun😀

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