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Making Friends 101 cont.

Greeting the garbage man.

Well, thought about it? Why do I deem this important? A good question indeed. For me it boils down to respect, plain and simple.

There are other considerations too, first if you want to live in a clean world, be nice to the people cleaning up and pay them handsomely. By now a huge amount of people lives under conditions that produce a shitload of garbage.

What is garbage? The best definition I know of is from a handbook of social anthropology: Garbage is matter out of place. Simply matter that has no use where it is now. The packaging of sweets is a useful thing. It keeps the sweets dry and intact, as long as you don´t play rough ride with the packaging. The moment you open it and devour the sweets, it becomes useless and is put into the garbage bin. It now is garbage. Just like that. Unless you find another use for it of course.

Yet, we are not talking about garbage, but about the people who put it away. In former times you just threw your leftovers into the green and it was returned to the earth. These days there are so many things that are indegradable that nature can´t destroy them, thus we collect it and put it away.

If we don´t do this we quickly would drown in it. Here the garbage man enters the picture. She puts it all away and most of the time no one thanks her or even recognizes her existence. That is not as It should be.

Most of the time people who earn more money, think of themselves as better as other people. Well, from a pure, inhuman, disgusting, calculating, capitalistic point of view, that is true. No one of these ********* gives a thought about others peoples lives anyway, at least the top notch **********. Ever wondered how long they would keep making money, if no one wiped their asses for them?

In German it is called “Arbeitsteilung”, the diversification of work, everyone does his share of work, so in the end all can achieve more together than on ones´ own. Works well so far, it brought us “civilization”, for better or worse. People easily overlook other peoples contribution to their work. For me it is simple. I hate cleaning up, I am even bad at cleaning up. I was taught three times how to properly clean a workplace, I still suck at it. I am very glad and thankful that we have garbage men.

I regurlary meet one in the subway, he is charged with cleaning the subway stations. I always greet him, when I see him. I don´t know his name, but I know what he does and therefore I afford him the respect he deserves. That of a hard working person, something that a lot of people in this corrupt capitalism aren´t doing, working hard or at all.

So I implore you greet the garbage men around you. When all respect each other, everythings works much better and might even maybe get better.

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