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Reading: German History

Yes I am alive, I have been quite busy with training for and being on stage with my troupe. We are only layplayers but theatre takes it time – as it should.

In between I read this book, whose title translates as: “of course shooting is permitted.” a short history of the R(ed)A(rmy)F(action).

It really is short and fails utterly to explain any of the motivations of the groups founders in any depth, but in under 200 pages you can´t expect too much. It does give a rough sketch of the worst deeds and the organization, as well as training practices of this group. I am too young to recall any of the terroristic acts of these people, but they brought chaos and fear into a society struggling to free itself from its´ past. Many people today only speak out against the right wing extremists, they easily forget the terror of the left wing, which is no less brutal.

Well it was informative at least and for 5 bucks not to expensive.

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