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The Paint Pain: Something wicked this way comes

So fickle as I am I let myself to be persuade to start yet another game: Malifaux.

Back in the day the miniatures were quite fugly, but just as the Infinity ones the newest incarnations are very good. They use a highly detailled plastic these days, as the beautiful, stripped to the muscles, backside of this Doppleganger proves.


The nice backside



Two because it is beautiful;)

Beside that I bought the Box of (with) Pandora and directly started to paint as I want to use the green of the plastic as a baseline. (It happens that there are special plastic variants to be bought, one of which I got by acident obiously)





This is (maybe) my colour for the ghosts in the box. It was a quick and dirty paintjob, but still I think it is effective (and it retains some of the green plastic hue). Somehow the models did not inspire me to a great paintjob, it might be the varying quality or the lifeless design on some parts or the price. Latter is sometimes even higher than our most hated double-lettered producer. The detail is really great and I think the human models will get better paintjobs, but the fitting was improvable in many cases. All in all I have mixed feelings about the game and models, we´ll see.



Here more of my to paint box, my NeoTerra await their reinforcements (hence the bases), also that is a Tiger soldier and a Yan Huo there, I don´t know why…



2 comments on “The Paint Pain: Something wicked this way comes

  1. Argentbadger
    May 25, 2015

    Welcome to Malifaux.

    I think you might actually have picked up a limited edition box with the brightly coloured plastic; probably you could have got a cheaper deal with the regular grey plastic instead. Still, it looks like this paints up nicely so maybe it makes no difference.

    • asreon
      May 26, 2015

      It is a limited one, but it came at the regular price so…
      Actcually I already oversprayed the paint job, I didn´t like it very much in the end. New one incoming sometime around.

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