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Making Friends 102 cont.

So back to topic. You will have guessed it, here the same reasons apply, as with the garbage man. The snack vendor occupies a crucial place in our society. Millions of people commute to and from work (this glaring spectre of destruction, stress, unfullfilment and envy – isn´t capitalism nice?) every day. Not all of them eat at home. Some just can´t stomach breakfast, some just miss the time and others simply oversleep. All these people need to eat out.

Enter the snack vendors.

No matter where they are located, they see people coming and going all day. Aware of the habotsof their regulars snack vendors are an endless source of information, gossip and habits. Also they make your food. The last thing alone shad make you nice to them, the possibilities to worsen your day are endless for someone who handles your food.

Still that they do this without poisoning you is to be expected – it is their job after all.

Like everybody else they do their job, you might not think it glorious, but it is. By taking away the time other people need to prepare food more resources to concentrate on other things are freed. Basic sharing of tasks, the basis for civilization. The German word here is Arbeitsteilung, meaning everyone does his job, so that everyone can focus on his job alone.

As we all need to eat, the snack vendors are more important than many people would admit. Without them a lot would break apart, so be mindful of them next time you buy your croissant or coffe. For everyone in the information business they also make awesome informants, as every policeman knows. In a way the pizza guy is the modern servant of old. In prior days royal servants overheard almost every important conversation, as no one acknowledged their presence, turning them into great information brokers. The guy behind the counter takes a similar role today. Many people think nothing about what they are talking about when out on lunch.

And finally a god meal can make your day, more than one time I went to my favourite Greek or pizza guy, when I had the need for something to lighten my mood. So eat away.

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