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With Blood and Sweat: Aconteciemento Jammer Zone

In the Zone   Today I brought out my good old jungle army. My Regulars haven´t seen combat in a while, partly because I tired of painting the greens;) So … Continue reading

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Farewell: Christoper Lee

Another great one has left us. All hail to Christopher Lee, the world will sorely miss him. I can not write anything that not someone else also has written already … Continue reading

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Travel Time: Lübeck

I do not travel enough. Really I don´t, and most other people probably do as well. Unlike people who are at home < being away, they travel enough. With all … Continue reading

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For the mon… err the people: 2nd Annihilate

Dawn had fallen on the streets. The sudden sirens whipping through the air. Fearful citizens running for shelter. Nothing to faze Chris Bolton and his men – they came to … Continue reading

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For the money…err the people: 3rd a Domination

I was just out of rehabilitation and on a stroll, beating my high score on “Bandua Shooter III”, when the sirens came. We ran to the scene and saw the … Continue reading

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Happy 100

So this is no. 100. Guess that calls for some kind of celebration, so yeah, celebration:D Round numbers are a peculiar thing, for some reasons people like them, I presume … Continue reading

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