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Happy 100

So this is no. 100. Guess that calls for some kind of celebration, so yeah, celebration:D

Round numbers are a peculiar thing, for some reasons people like them, I presume because of this feeling of completeness that they provide. A hundred is a circle closed, as long as you think of 10 being a full circle at least that is. A circle closed, a journey complete, a conflict settled, all these things make us feel good. We like for things having an end and thusly providing some sense of closure. A sense sorely needed in our fast, imperfect and most of all mostly unsatisfying world. Let´s face it most things we see in the news make us angry or sad, most of the time you also can do nothing to change what happened or make people pay for their atrocities. There is no sense of closure.

Maybe because of that we should use every excuse available to celebrate. In German there is the Phrase: “Man soll die Feste feiern wie sie fallen.” Into English that roughly translates as: „Go to every party that presents itself“ Amidst all the things that happen around you, pick the good ones and make something of it. So we shall celebrate. What?

For one simply because I actually wrote a hundred entries here;)

For another 75 people, say the numbers here, follow this blog. Honestly thank you. I hope I provide some respite, encouragement or whatever you draw from my lines. I do not advertise this blog anywhere, so you all found me by yourself or accident. That is kinda cool. I even managed to check out some of your sites by now, even though by far not all of them, but I will keep coming to your doorstep as well, sometimes I will linger and comment;)

For yet another 100 by June looks promising that I will get my planned 104 till November, Yay.

Some pictures now of the fireworks from the last “Japantag” here in Düsseldorf. I could only enjoy it halfway, as my lost love was present and her disdain hurt me badly, still it was an awesome 花火。

See you around.

IMG_0747 IMG_0748 IMG_0750 IMG_0775 IMG_0777 IMG_0793 IMG_0857 IMG_0870 IMG_0881 IMG_0897 IMG_0919 IMG_0930


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