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For the mon… err the people: 2nd Annihilate

Dawn had fallen on the streets. The sudden sirens whipping through the air. Fearful citizens running for shelter. Nothing to faze Chris Bolton and his men – they came to bring peace again. – Tagline of a Mayacast about the incident near Daytona bunker.
Not many pictures this time, as I forgot to bring my camera so only some snapshots from my opponents´ camera. It was his second real game and my second bout with the NeoTerrans. He wanted it easy so we went for Annihilation. My classified were Spotlighting the HVT and to Coup de Grace someone, he wanted to scan one of my guys and the HVT. 250 points and here are the combatants:
The Intrusion force:
4 Alquacil (2 FO, 1 Medic, 1 LGL), 2 Mobile Brigada (2 Multi Rifle LF, 1 Lt), 1 Spectre, 1 Reverend Healer, 1 Interventor, 1 Grenzer (MSR)
The valiant defenders were:
Chris Bolton (Bolt Hacker)
Romina Perente (Bolt, Drop Bears)
Puelo Müller & Pierra Hejan (Auxillia FO)
Laetitia Laroche (Swiss HMG)
Manuel Ortega (Machinist)
Cherry Chawinsky (Trauma Doc)
Dearany Taras (CSU, BS)
And “The Roman” (Aquila Lt)

The board was fairly open, as I did not want to carry much terrain around yesterday. Still it worked out.
We both spread quite wide within our DZs and I actually won the Initiative (Wow, with PanO!) and he denied me coordinated orders in the first round.

Turn 1 NeoTerra
So I started with Laetitia (Swiss) gunning down his Grenzer, taking 2 orders at 31,8 inches, Phew.
Puelo advanced and tried to FO the HVT and fails both rolls, nice – not. The one coordinated I can do sees a lot advancing on my right flank (Auxillia, Aquila, Bolt) and Romina speculatively throws a Drop Bear over a hill (I love these things). An Alquacil shots down the Auxbot from Puelo as he advances somewhat more, Mr. Ortega fails to open the bunker (we ruled that it is sealed in the beginning). MY CSU advanced to cover the left flank.
Then I wanted to do some damage with my Aquila, but he revealed his Spectre, which was a dump idea as he remarked himself. The Roman gunned down the Spectre and returned to cover. Grenzer and Spectre down, a well placed Swiss and Mine, not a bad start.
Turn 1 Nomads
His rightmost Brigada advanced and gunned down my CSU, then he tried to kill Puelo, but the crafty Auxillia survived three hits in total and dropped behind cover. Using a coordinated order he repositioned some guys and tried to get one of his Alquacils into safety, which stood in LoS of Laetitia, her shot trumped the dodge and the Alquacil fell unconscious.
He dropped a Repeater close to his medic and Brigada Lt, to protect them from the Aquila. The Lt went into suppressive to secure the flank even further.
Turn 2 Neo Terra
First things first FOing the HVT, 2 more orders – done. The Roman peeked around the corner and took a pot shot at Lt Brigada, nothing happened, besides the Brigada dropping suppressive as the Aquila was further than 24 inches. I coordinated forwards and Laetitia jumped from the building – no one would venture into her sights anymore anyway, guess what happened? Yes, she lost a wound to the fall, not that I only needed a 6 to make the save…
Some shooting and positioning followed, during which his Reverend Healer went down (strike!) and Romina threw a drop bear next to the last Alquacil FO, she had to throw twice, as the first missed, but the second now threatened the FO, the Medic and the Brigada (who laughed at it).

Turn 2 Nomads
He had to get rid of this mine so his other Brigada made a run for it, had a long shootout with the Auxilia who FO´ed the HVT, lost a Wound in the process and shot down the mine. The Medic, now free of the mine shot his Medkit at the wounded Alquacil and revived him. Very cool.
Last Turn NeoTerra
I had to get rid of the Brigada. He survived two assaults from Latitia and dropped into cover. Chris Bolten ran up, hacked the Brigada, shot her down with his BS and Coup de Graced him after that. He got shot during this but survived. The Aquila wanted to be a hero and attacked his Lt and the Alquacil Medic. I rolled 19, 20, 19 to hit he hit with his DA Aro, I rolled a 5 and 6, down went the Aquila, well points well handed to him… Laetitia Re-Camoed.
Last Turn Nomads
He used his entire turn to gun down Romina (one time she saved three hits on three 13´s ), placed a Repeater Data Scanned her and lacked the orders to do more. He called game. 20150528_215858
It was a 5-4 for me, had I not sacrificed my Aquila, it would have been 6-3, such is life. We both made stupid mistakes and the rather open board was interesting without many long range weapons and smoke around.

Till then


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