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Farewell: Christoper Lee

Another great one has left us. All hail to Christopher Lee, the world will sorely miss him. I can not write anything that not someone else also has written already on the net.

Only my personal experience with him. I kinda met him on a video set once. Back then I and some buddies had been asked to be compares for a music video from Rhapsody. We said: Why not? Well a good meal in the Hard Rock Café came around and I passed up a good opportunity to get laid (stupid me), otherwise it was fun.

Christopher Lee was there a well and I was totally angry that I didn´t knew in advance, then I would have brought something to be signed or something. As it was there wasn´t really a good opportunity to speak to him (and I was kinda shy, to be honest). But what I could perceive was his presence. The man had an undisputable aura and air about him. His charisma was really “greifbar”, very impressive thing to experience. I never again, so far, have met another person like this.

So to you good Sir Lee.



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