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Reading Time: Theories and Fairy Tales

Hello there again,

has been sometime now, mostly due to the current heat wave around here, sitting at the computer is not what I do very regularly. We even got kinda “heat free” (In German: Hitzefrei) at work today.

Between playing Mass Effect 2 (more on that in another post, hopefully soon…) and other stuff I read three more books.


The first one is: Indianermärchen der Sioux & Cheyenne from the Fischer Verlag. The title would be: Myths and Legends of the Sioux & Cheyenne, in English. Märchen generally translates as Fairy Tales, but that wouldn´t fit here. There was a plethora of these books on the market for a time, each of which compilled the stories from another ethnic group, continent or cultural circle. I really love these because you learn so much about other ways of thinking when you read other peoples myths of creation. I enjoyed this one as I do not know very much about the American native people. I only can recommend reading more fairy tales to everyone.



The other two: Wissenschaftliche Theorien in 30 Sekunden (Scientific Theories in 30 seconds) by Paul Parsons and Philosophie in 30 Sekunden (Philosophie in 30 seconds) by Barry Loewer, are an interesting kind of books. They compile the most important, enduring and powerful theories of it´s kind in paragraphs of no more than 300 words in an easy language. The paragraphs are written by experts in the specific field and are of course very cursory, still it is quite informative. Each Theory is accompanied by a mostly pointless Illustration, at least it pleases the eye somewhat. Inside you find nice rendings of ideas like the Panspermie, Quantumphysics and Evolution or Schrödingers Cat, Kants Imperativ and Platons Cave. For everyone already familiar with these topics the books do not hold much news, but as an introduction they are fine. Especially for people who otherwise stay absent from such complicated matters. So I can recommend them.

Till then.

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