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Readings: Fairy Tales and Physics

So all the drama in my life has not stopped me from reading, actually quite the opposite, reading makes you think and more thinking means less brooding. Something I am very good at…

So more Fairy Tales, this time from Tibet.


Books you never get enough of them

Many of them feature talking animals (very common in Fairy Tales) and some even talking objects (less commom in my experience). Also many a one is about betrayal and the danger of trust, interesting theme. In addition the times when Lamas are the object of a myth, they are mostly the bad guys. It once more was interesting to take a peek into a cultures stories. As always with the Taschen books they are well written and presented.

The german version of the: The Bedside book of Physics by Isaac McPhee; was also a nice read. Another cursory excursion into the history and workings of physics, from the old greeks to the heyday. Most theories are explained in an understandable manner, but as the complexity progresses the explanations grow thinner. Understandable, yet somewhat disappointing. All in all, a good book for everyone who wants to take a peak. Not a book for someone who wants to deepen his knowledge of the subject.

Time to read on.

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