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Haiku 27.08.2015

For once I managed to get it up fast. 朝風(あさかぜ)で 襟(えり)に吹(ふ)くりき 一枚葉(いちまいは) Im Morgendwind Landet sanft im Nacken Ein einzelnes Blatt The morning wind Drifts tot he neck – A … Continue reading

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Reading and Gaming: Medieval History and Fantasy

Hello again after another long pause, I am truly sorry for that. Right now I am sick which brings a lot of headaches with it, also I will rent a … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: Some NeoTerra

After a subjective eternity I finally painted something today, and yesterday for the record. My NeoTerrans are now bolsteresd by the first Squalo, which runs under the personal motto: Iratus … Continue reading

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Haiku 13.07.2015

One more linked to my emotional disturbance of late, it really does inspire. Without further ado:   八時鐘(はちじかね) 鳩(はと)を至(いた)るき 口(くち)に枝(えだ) Vor mir landet eine Taube Einen Ast im Schnabel Der … Continue reading

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