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Reading and Gaming: Medieval History and Fantasy

Hello again after another long pause, I am truly sorry for that. Right now I am sick which brings a lot of headaches with it, also I will rent a new place tomorrow and the the moving hilarity ensues, Yay.

A while ago I finished this book:


A life in struggle against the crusading armies

It contains the translated diaries of Isama Ibn Munqidh and translates as above. It is a true historical source and quite interesting to read. As a diary there are a lot details of personal life that seem absurd, yet tell us a lot about life (a life mostly in the 12th century in this case). It shows how similar and different the lifestyle of the crusading armies and the locals have been. It also shows how life was seen and what was thought to be important. The book is not very well ordered, or ordered at all, it merely throws the diary into your face, albeit there are explanations for names and words rather unknown to the uninitated reader.

For everyone interested to broaden his horizon I recommend it and any other historical diary you can get your hands on.


In other matters I installed this game lately.


Good stuff

Shouldn ´t have done it, eats too much time;) But helps with being low effort to recuperate.




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