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Haiku 25.09.2015

橋上(はしがみ)で 車煩(くるまわずら)い 川通(かわかよ)う   Auf der Brücke Lärmende Autos unbeeindruckt plätschert der Fluss As The river flows by the noise of speeding cars upon the bridge   橋下(はしげ)に 車煩(くるまわずら)い 鴨集(かもあつ)まる … Continue reading

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Haiku 23.09.2015

川割(かわわ)りキ(き) 青(あお)し白(しろ)し葉(は) 朝狭霧(あささぎり) Im morgendlichen Odem an den grün-weißen Blättern – spaltet sich der Fluß At the green and white leaves The river forks – in the morning dew

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Guardians of the Silk Road: Diplomacy is Dead

So finally my QK hit the road again, some Nomads stirred up some shit at a diplomatic meeting and everything went downhill from there. Scenario was Diplomacy is Dead which … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: QK and NeoTerra

Instead of doing something usefull, like packing or making arrangements for moving, I decided to paint a little bit. It really does relieve stress, as I noticed once more. Why … Continue reading

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Verdummung 2.5: Wrong transfered Taglines

There are the days when I really fear for the future, and then there are the days when I truly despair. Okay, there are also days in between where all … Continue reading

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Haiku: 14.09.2015

A long time no see. I am occupied with moving to another town and heavy privat problems. Also work is heavy atm, I know, I know excuses. I´ll try to … Continue reading

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