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Verdummung 2.5: Wrong transfered Taglines

There are the days when I really fear for the future, and then there are the days when I truly despair. Okay, there are also days in between where all seems fine, albeit rare they are.

At the moment I am working as a teacher and it gave me an impression of the “Allgemeinbildung” these days. On some evenings I frown in my warm bed. Given in 13 months I only was asked two times who actually won the 2. World War…

Today I saw this tagline/motto on a bag: Love Music. Hate Fascism. Wow, people really suck.

It obviously is the attempt to copy the tagline: Love Sex. Hate Sexism.

Where is the difference? Well, the second one is actually good. It uses the language as a means to subvert the thing it speaks out against. Sex(ism) is almost the same word, ortographically that is, yet are totally opposed in their meaning. It is short, to the point, makes good use of language, is subvertive, triggers thinking about the subject and easy to remember. Well done.

The first one is just dumb, Well intended, but dumb. There is no wordplay, no subversion, I mean where is the obvious connection of music and fascism? I don´t know of any. You´d have to add a specific band for example to make it a working tagline. Of course doing that destroy the idea and joke of a short tagline. Bad, hmm.

I support the underlying message everyday, but can´t find a good word for the means. It is effective degrading of intelligence. It doesn´t work people. You can´t just put everything in two lines and it becomes a contradictive meaning.

Love Soccer. Hate War.


Of course not. You can even find a correlation, if you insist on doing that. True to the saying: Sport is war minus the shooting. Still doesn´t work. No flow of speech, no obvious contradiction and, that one is important, no actual close connection between the two things. Sex and Sexism are related, especially if you take a look at the gender angle of Sex, that is why it works.

Doing things like that makes people think they have a cool and good message on their stuff. No, they don´t. The message may be good, but they out themselves as too dumb to comprehend what makes it work (or not).

So what about the people who produce these things? They just produce what makes money, they follow the logic of capitalism, that alone makes them dumb people.



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