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The Paint Pain: QK and NeoTerra

Instead of doing something usefull, like packing or making arrangements for moving, I decided to paint a little bit. It really does relieve stress, as I noticed once more. Why is it that simple truths are easily forgotten? Listening to 80es music while doing it was also helpfull.


I see you


Hello guys in the back row


I will be a doctor, mommy!


Just walking by

So my QK now has three more Djanbazan, proxied by Sekban, as I hate the Djanbazan models, well most of them. I love the Sekbans the models are really tiny and well modelled. Also their background is awesome. Now I finally can field a five man team with MSV 2, hehehe. No, I am not laughing.

My NeoTerra on the other hand are still waiting for their first full link team, but now enjoy a midfield deployed remote.New tactics await:)

Till then


2 comments on “The Paint Pain: QK and NeoTerra

  1. William Spear
    September 20, 2015

    It really is a mind-soother. I never played any wargames, but I did a little figurine painting here and there and I always felt so relaxed afterwards.

    • asreon
      September 23, 2015

      Yeah, it simply is great. Half the time I stress myself about it though, as I want it to be “right”. It is a halway between Pleasure and Duty. Which sounds much cooler in German: Zwischen Pflicht und Freude.

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