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Verdummung 2.5: Misspelling and imperfect slogans

So again I came about some very irritating lines which are intended for a specific purpose but fail more or less specatcular. Let´s start with the one in the image. … Continue reading

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Haiku 27.11.2015

長(なが)しき木(き) 冬空見(ふゆぞらみ)せる 枯(か)れ林(ばやし) Zwischen den hohen Bäumen im winterlichen Wald glitzert der klare Winterhimmel   Right between the high trees sparkles the winter sky Within the dead forest

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Pictures of Battle w/o Report: Misgivings of an AI

Originally I wanted to do a report on this one, but I am really not in a writing mood (all other writing starves as well atm) and the technical problems … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: Shady Pictures of Yu Jing Girls

Now I am not talking about Shunga here, but the last two missing women for my 300 points Yu Jing army. The Crane and Asuka (which goes by the name … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: New Army and Board for Today

Being on vacation really helps with painting, who would have thought:) I am still driven by the idea only to play with painted miniatures, at least in Infinity. As a … Continue reading

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Haiku 20.11.2015

古(ふる)しき橋(はし) 何年見(なんねんみ)ず 通(かよ)ふたか Viele Jahre lang überquerte man die alte Brücke Ohne je hinabzusehen For how many years Do you cross the old bridge Without ever looking down?

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Going to town: Conference tomorrow

So less posting here than I wanted the last two weeks, but it is coming. I have been busy painting so expect a longer update on this one next week. … Continue reading

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