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The Paint Pain: NeoTerra Reinforcements

Hooray, I have a stable net connection, so I soon will return to a more regular posting timetable.

I am still sorting out (and in) the stuff which lies around here in boxes, but as of today this place can be considered my new home. I painted my first miniatures inside these walls.


Not there yet.


Line Finish

My headache from yesterday is still there (sadly none which came from partying, therefore my Saimhan was rather quiet and spent alone) but I just had to finish them. The second Aquila is pure gold with her HMG (yes, I sculpred her some breasts) and the Bolt Hacker and Missile Launcher Babe bring my link to a full five. Everyone beware.

Now I hace to get some playing in. The last games were with my QP and HB respectively, one loss and one straight win. Next time the NeoTerrans get the roll again. I want to use that Squalo:)

On other matters. I have not forgotten what I wanted to write about and foreshadowed in July, if someone cares that is, it still will come.If not, fair enough.




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