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Full circle two

So another year down. Birthday again. So what happened this year?

The blog is up to 87 followers, wow, thank you really much for taking a look at what comes out of my head from time to time. I hope some of it makes sense to you, or even better help you making sense of something.

I am still not advertising this thing anywhere and not being much on the net anyway I still haven´t visited all of you sites (but I visited some, so progress is being made). What else? I am proud of myself that I managed to achieve my goal to have at least one post a week on average. Well done:)

What bugs me is that more often than not I don´t write down my thoughts here. I assume the painting and poetry stuff interests people, yet I wanted to use this place more as a space for such thoughts. Didn´t work so well so far, time will tell.

On other matters I really learned this year how it feels to be betrayed. My best female friend abused my trust for over seven months. It was one of the most horrible realisations of my life, I truly felt my reality shattered that day. I still want to write more on this, but till now it still has to brew some more. So heavy content ahead.

CY around and thanks for listening.


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