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Pictures of Battle w/o Report: Misgivings of an AI

Originally I wanted to do a report on this one, but I am really not in a writing mood (all other writing starves as well atm) and the technical problems I had with these pictures drove me insane.

As we were three players on sunday we did a 2:1 Aleph vs Nomads and USAriadna, only that the AI was drunk obviously. It was a brutal match with a lot of horribly failed ARM saves (my Asura missed three of three on 8+, while the Devil Dog and one of my Thorakites both saves around 9-10) a little close combat fun with Myrmidons and a nicely dropping Tomcat who almost grilled three of my Troopers (only the Naga went down).

Well I had not enough long range firepower, combined with stupid deployment Aleph made a fool of itself and lost 5:7. Here are the lists and some pretty pictures.


Asura Lt; Myrmidon Officer CoC BS, Myrmidon Chain Rifle, Deva + Devabot, Deva Hacker, Dakini HMG, Naga Sniper, Thorakites LRL, Thorakites FO, Sophotect, Yudbot

Nomads: Mobile Brigada HMG, Intruder Lt, 3 Alquacil(1 Medic, 1 FO), Tomcat Doc(?), Moran BS

USAriadna: Well the Box minus the Foxtrott (he forgot about him) and the standing Maverick made a Warcor. Marauder was the Lt and got stabbed by the Myrmidon



20151122_165908 20151122_165916 20151122_170553 20151122_175244 20151122_175255 20151122_175308 20151122_181735 20151122_181743 20151122_181756 20151122_181806 20151122_183153 20151122_183200 20151122_183208 20151122_183220 20151122_185354 20151122_185407 20151122_185425 20151122_190629 20151122_190633 20151122_190639 20151122_190649 20151122_195102 20151122_195109 20151122_195114 20151122_195139 20151122_195158


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