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Verdummung 2.5: Misspelling and imperfect slogans

So again I came about some very irritating lines which are intended for a specific purpose but fail more or less specatcular.

Let´s start with the one in the image. As every thinking person agrees with the message, there are also a lot of unthinking or at least uneducated ones. Today I had the pleasure of reading the line: against rasism.

At least the intention is clear. As long as you know which word is supposed to be used. Phonetically speaking most youth these days will know what is meant. Yet unless this becomes the standard way of spelling (please not!) in some years it will be hard to decipher, unless you are educated enough. Highly doubtable with our perpetrator (a word used because it was an obviously illegal graffiti), so what to make of this.

  1. Okay, being a graffiti it will most likely not be around long enough to trigger aforementioned problem.
  2. Intentions are nice, but someone who is not even able to write the word correctly is probably not in a position to even identify racism, when he sees it.

This is, of course, a generalization and these are always dangerous, still chance is high that I am right. Racism is a dangerous thing and very subtle too. Everyday most of us exert at least a little bit of it, mostly without knowing. Even very learned (some cynics might say especially) people are subject to it. You have to understand how deeply rooted prejudices are in the human condition to even have a chance to detect all the racism around.

So yeah, I am with everyone who stands against obvious racism, but the fight against the subtle one is even harder and wider. And needs education to do it. So please get your grammar right and try again.


Another one is the new advertisment slogan of a company (don´t ask me the name, one of these enviroment destroying clothing companies): #ImPerfect

Well done, not. Again the Intention is clear and I assume the Twitters are loving it but I can´t be the only one to see the obvious way of misreading. Can I?


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