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A Haiku inside a Poem First try.

So for something new at years end. This is an idea I had a while ago and now the first version is finished. Here we have a Tang poem written … Continue reading

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Two unrelated Haiku 26.12.2015

冬月日(ふゆつきひ) 暖(あたた)かさぞ もう桜(さくら) In der Wärme der winterlichen Sonne blühen bereits die Kirschblüten   Within the winter sun´s warmth Blooming already the cherry blossoms —————————————- 黒(くろ)し雲(くも) ビル(びる)間(あいだ)き 黄色月(きいろづき) Hinter schwarzen … Continue reading

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Campaign Preparations: New Battleground

Nothing fancy today, oh, merry christmas and all that stuff by the way, I hope you have some nice family time around, just my second MAS Battle Mat. It looks … Continue reading

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Movie Time: Star Wars The Force Awakens

So, Star Wars. I have to admitt, that I was sceptical. The director of this particular movie is not very well liked by me. Why? Because he raped Star Trek, … Continue reading

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Another Haiku: 13.12.2015

夜光(やこう)で 道中枯(みちなかか)れ樹(き) 影踊(かげおど)る Im nächtlichen Licht tanzen inmitten der Straße – die Schatten der blattlosen Bäume Shadows dance of the withered trees by the road – within nightly light

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Haiku 13.12.2015

夜中風(よなかふう) 不人工事(ふじんこうじ)に 私語(ささめごと) Auf der menschenleeren Baustelle flüstert der nächtliche Wind   The nightly wind on the deserted construction whispers

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Haiku 05.12.2015

古階段(ふるかいだん) 植物一個(しょくぶついっこ) 生(は)えるきよ Auf der alten Treppe sah ich blühen eine Pflanze gar allein   Upon the old stairwell Blooming despite a single flower

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