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A Haiku inside a Poem First try.

So for something new at years end. This is an idea I had a while ago and now the first version is finished. Here we have a Tang poem written on a practice scroll for Kanji, then I proceeded to paint over most of it with white (the only colour of choice here I think) to only leave Kanji which make an Haiku on their own. I am not completly happy with the translations of the Haiku, yet I think the basic idea has merit. There are centuries between the Tang poems and Haiku, spanning the bridge like this seemed a good idea. Maybe someone likes it.

To a court lady (Zhang Hu) Translation by Innes Herdan
Traces of moonlight glide over the trees
by the Palace gate,
Bewitching eyes just glimpse an egret
perched in its nest.
She bends under the lamp´s glow
and drawing a jade hairpin,
Brushes aside the red flame
to save a fluttering moth.

The moon shines through the trees at the gate
the beauty flirting with an egret
– Bewhilst at the dark flame, a moth

Die Schöne beäugt den Reiher
Im Mondschein unter den Bäumen am Tor
– Derweil ein Motte bei der dunklen Flamme


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