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First Haiku of the Year, also a try at quasi-Renga.

Normally I don´t comment my Haiku anymore, but here I tried something new. I an allusion to Renga I linked the three Haiku. In contrast to Renga I used full Haiku everytime and it is rather unsubtle with the direct citing of the former poem, still I think it has some merit. As usual I did not take care to uphold the same rules in English and German.

So the year starts with:














Nach dem Feuerwerk

sammelt sich das Wasser

  • auf dem einsamen Fußballfeld


Vor dem einsamen Fußballfeld

im Dunst des Morgens

  • spaziert ein einzelner Fußgänger

Zwei Männer

säubern die Straße von des Nachtes Kericht

  • Im Dunst des Morgens


In fireworks aftermath

water remains

  • on the Soccer grounds


At the Soccer grounds

in the morning mists

  • A lone stroller


In the morning mists

they clean the streets of the nights´s baggage

  • Two men alone



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