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New Years Eve: Intentions and Updates

So another year down, due to the calendar at least, what to do?

I am not a fan of new years specific intentions. Still there are some things I aspire to this year. What are these?

  1. I have to write an article about my lecture on the conference I attented in November. (Yeah, I wanted to write more about that, but haven´t so far – I am a bad blogger I know) Which then shall be published. Barring any unforseen consequences that will finally be my first published article. So I should not mess it up…
  2. Also soonishly I should get the info I need to write fluff for a company, which will be the first time I will be paid for writing. Awesome. Also not to mess up.
  3. Finally get myself together concerning women. I was hurt really badly last year, (Yepp, that is the thing back in July, I always hinted to wanna write about) and I really have to get over it. I think I am on a good path there, but seperating oneself from the notion of romantic love, in order to get your life in order sucks, it really does. I intend to write more about that, but so far haven´t managed to pull myself together enough. It will come eventually, if you are waiting for it, hold on, if you don´t care -fair enough;)
  4. Art. My poetry is improving and I have a lot of ideas in my head – we´ll see what this year´ll bring.
  5. Gaming. Actually having pulled of a game with my Yu Jing right after Christmas, I managed to get three armies palyable last year, that is good. I try not to start another one, before I have painted most of the present ones…

So enough blather, I hope everyone had a nice party yesterday. Into the fray, I say.


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