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In Service of the Jade Dragon 1.5

So I managed to get in one and a half game with my Yu Jing. The first one was stopped halway through, so no real counting. This will be rather a quick accounting than a full report.

The second one was against PanO and we played the Steel Grass from the Tripod Missions.

My usual suspects were.

Crane MSR (Lt), Asuka, Yan Huo ML, Guilang Sniper, Guilang FO, Ninja Hacker, CG Hacker, Tokusetsu Eisei, Tokusetsu Kohei, Raiden HRL

He had: Joan of Arc, Father Knight Spitfire, ORC HMG, Nisse Sniper, 2 Fusilier Paramedic, 1 Fusilier FO, Kirpal Singh, Akal Combi Rifle, Akal Spitfire

20160115_132908 20160115_132916 20160115_132927 20160115_132937

He wonn the roll and chose sides, and poorly at it. With Yan Huo, Sniper and Raiden I was able to suppres most of his DZ. He tried the same with his Sniper, HMG and Father Knight. My First order was a coordinated to get rid of the Nisse. He decided to dodge and failed all rolls. Nisse down. Yan Huo repeats and ORC is down. Sniper forces Father Knight into cover. My doc dies due to bad positioning though.

20160115_134940 20160115_134951 20160115_135003

He tries to regain some ground but his paramedic kills the ORC and everything else more or less fails.

Asuka (sorry Haruka;)) zooms forward and wounds Joan with a crit.20160115_135012My FO Guilang does some Mission stuff and it´s his turn again. First his Fusilier tries to kill of Haruka, she double crits, Haruka crits too!


Now his Akal come in. All in nice positions but no way to really attack. I then proceed to Data Scan, Mine kill and shoot the first one, ignore Kirpal (who dies to an Raiden ARO next turn), jump of the building with the Yan Huo (costing me a wound) and pasting the third on with him. My Ninja decloaks and does some mission stuff.

In his last turn, Kirpal dies, hie Paramedic kills the wounded Akal and the his Father Knight jumps of the building (losing a wound) and impales himself on my Ninja´s blade. With only 2 Paramedics left he conceeds.


20160115_140905 20160115_140912 20160115_140921 20160115_140927 20160115_142422 20160115_142433 20160115_142443 20160115_142453 20160115_143957 20160115_144003 20160115_144016 20160115_144023 20160115_144737 20160115_144747

It was very brutal and his dice kicked him all game. To get even we set up another game soon in order to let the bad dice not sink in. 2 NeoTerra battles coming up soon.

And for the record, I like my Yu Jing army set up.

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