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Reading Time: Japanese (Pseudo-)History

A book that I should have read a long time ago, but somehow never did.

Nelly Nauman: Die Mythen des alten Japan (The Myth of old Japan).


Und die 36 Ansichten auf dem Cover, ahh.

Nauman as an expert on Japanese mythology wades through the creation and foundation myths of Japan of old in this book. Taking new (own) translations from the Kojiki an Nihongi she interprets what is going on there. She decloaks the political agenda of the then in power noble families and lays bare how little the compilators of the texts in the 8th century understood the meaning of the myths at hand.

The book has some really enlightening insights into the basic meanings of the used symbols and good crossreferences to Siberian, Mexican and Pacific mythology.

I only can recommend it, of course if you give jack about Japanese mythology, don´t bother.




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