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Haiku 21.04.2016

暑(あつ)しき日(ひ) 草之御匂(くさのおにお)い 空気(くうき)はに Unter der heißen Sonne Wabert in der Luft Der Duft von Gras   Beneath the hot sun The smell of green gras Amidst the air.

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The Paint Pain: More Yu Jing and HVT

So my army grows, only four Yu Jing models left to paint atm, also the PanO HVT, funnily I totally dislike the Kickstarter Version, but this one without weapons is … Continue reading

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Haiku 16.04.2016

流(なが)れ川(かわ) 緑苔島(りょくたいしま)き 水玉(みずたま)に   Im klaren Wasser des Flusses Stroms Inseln grüner Algen In the streaming river Islands of green I see Through the clear water

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Haiku 09.04.2016

09.04.2016 モクレン(もくれん)ぞ 建物間(たてものいだ)に 影(かげ)で咲(さ)く     Amidst the gap between buildings Among the shadows Blossoms the Magnolia   Die Magnolien blühen Zwischen den Häusern –              tief im Schatten

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The Paint Pain: Yu Jing Reinforcements and Flamestrike

So I´ve been busy painting, playing and (in a way sadly) working. So again I did not manage to post every week… Operation Flamestrike made me squeeze in more games … Continue reading

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