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Alongside Legends: Steel Phalanx

So after the campaign ended and we didn´t manage to get this weeks game into it anymore I was able to unshelf another army. I hadn´t played Aleph in a long time and therefore my Steel Phalanx was given a go.

Here are our list:

Steel Phalanx

Nomads – 300 Pkt

The Mission was 20×20, 6×6 (we rolled two sixes), meaning deploying Repeaters (indestructible ones as soon as placed) in the enemy zones and killing the named dudes (or highest cost models), deployment of any kind into the opponents´ half was impossible.

I won the roll off and – surprise – I wanted first turn.

20160522_205908 20160522_230403 20160522_195857 20160522_195914

Not so many pictures, sorry for that. Here is the rundown of what happened.

Eudoros (Eleftherios) went crazy again, running ahead, after a Yudbot cleared the Koalas, shot a Massai and engaged the Mobile Brigada in CC. Awhile the enemy hackers tried, to no avail, to fry his Repeater three times. He ended up in CC with the Brigada at the end of turn one. On the other side of the board a Myrmidon ran up and stabbed an Alquacil, which was a bad decision, Nanopulsering him and the Reverend behind would have been much more sensible…

Nomads retalliated by shooting the Myrmidon, the Agema and the LRL Thorakites with an Intruder. The MB tried suicide by Eleftherios but only succeeded at the second try. The second Intruder attacked him on close range and he toughed it out and stuck a Nanopulser in the Intruders face. He took no damage the Intruder went down. Almost all Nomads then went on suppressive, except the Interventor who cybermasked herself.

So The Thorakites was healed and the Ekdromoi came in. He had a looong shotout with the second Intruder, during which the Ekdromoi made three armour saves, and finally put down the Intruder for good.

Eleftherios, placed his repeater, killed the Interventor and a Wildcat. Nice turn.

In LoL the Nomads revealed their spectre who managed to take a wound from Eleftherios.

The second Thorakites then placed his repeater, The Myrmidon link advanced to cover the enemy and the Thorakites stood up. Eleftherios was critted to death in CC by the Spectre. 20160522_204606

The sprectre then tried to move around the flanks and was killed by the LGL in ARO, the other Thorakites was shot by the Reverend.

So he was in Retreat and I still had a full link. We quit at this point. With a final score of 8-3.

The Phalanx was as brutal as to be expected. I know why I abstained from playing them for a while…

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