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Haiku: 23./24./25.06.

It was an inspired weekend:) 23.06.2016 雲雷電(くもらいでん) 明(あか)るしき夜(よる) もうふらむ Blitze entrasen den Wolken Erhellen die Nacht – wird auch der Regen kommen? Lightnings brighten the clouds Turning the night ashine … Continue reading

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Haiku 20.06.2016

都市之川(としのがわ) 枯(か)れ木橋下(もくはしげ) 集(あつ)まりき Unter der Brücke des städtischen Flusses Sammelt sich Das gefallene Holz The withered woods Collect down below In the city river

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The Paint Pain: Freebooter´s Fate and Yu Jing

So after Painting so much Infinity over the last month, now I did some Freebooter´s Fate. With the new expansion I really want to play that one again. Two years … Continue reading

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Farewell: Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali

Farewell good man. I never have been much into sports, maybe I should because we all know: Sport is war minus the shooting. For someone who likes Martial Arts so … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: Boats for Freebooters

After a long time I spent some miniatures money not on Infinity, but Freebooters. The new rules for naval(boat) combat are nice, so here are pictures of my imperial boats. … Continue reading

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Haiku 02.06.

含(ふく)まれる 壁中屋根(かべなかやね)に 烏(からす)しか Auf dem Dache Umringt von Wänden Ein alleiniger Rabe The roof within the walls Alone Just a raven

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Haiku 30.05.

窓外(そうがい)に 大雨降(おおあめふ)りき 心音(こころおん) Jenseits des Fensters Ein tobender Sturm Das Geräusch des Herzens Beyond the windows A raging storm Thy heartbeat

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