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The Paint Pain: Freebooter´s Fate and Yu Jing

So after Painting so much Infinity over the last month, now I did some Freebooter´s Fate. With the new expansion I really want to play that one again. Two years ago I finally bought the rulebooks for the game, I always was the only one without these before – I never bought them because everybody had one, still they asked me for the rules – and haven´t played since then…

Well I mostly played Infinity and that is okay;)

First we have Alejandra, the new fencing Mistress for the Armada, I like the sculpt despite it being not from Werner himself. Still painting it is much easier than Werner´s because there is much less detail. And yes, I couldn´t resist the semi-transparent stokings.


Esmeralda Aleja


Esmeralda Aleja

So the first of my two unusal Cazadorguards is ready. You know the Inquisition mostly is interested that you get the job done, not how you look doing it.


Natalya Ihres Zeichens Cazadorgardistin


Wenn auch etwas ungewöhnlich gekleidet für die Karibik

So the last one is an Assassin which is used as a Marine, because she acts as a personal guard to another character. Hm, I really should put up the character stories I wrote for my Armada…


Verena – eine Seefrau, sozusagen.


Adlige kommen auf komische Ideen

So my Yu Jing got another Missile Launcher today. Painted this morning for a game this evening. It was nice 200+ 200 versus 400 and he shot down an intruder before taken out.


I got you in my  sights.


told you:)

With the summer days I probably will keep painting more the next weeks. Also I am quite motivated atm.



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