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From the Delights of being a criminal: Scenario Musings: Shadowrun

When playing a rpg you deliberately choose to be someone else, some characters lean heavily on oneself, some don´t, but in the end it is about trying something new, doing … Continue reading

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Painting and Gaming: New Table, Guardians of the Silk Road and in Service of the Jade Dragon

So somewhat of a mixed post. Yesterday I had two games and Yu Jing lost both of them, sadly I was playing Yu Jing one time… So not all scenery … Continue reading

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Haiku: 27.08.2016

温(おん)な夜(よる) 暗(くら)しき雲(くも)に 雷電(らいでん)ぞき In den schwarzen Wolken Der warmen Nacht zucken sie, die Blitze Within the warm night Amidst the dark clouds flash the lightnings

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Haiku: 26.08.2016

人(ひと)は無(な)し 地下鉄駅(ちかてつえき)に 足(あし)の音(おと) Menschenleer die U-Bahn laut hallen Die eigenen Schritte   The own steps sound loud in the deserted subway

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The Paint Pain: more scenery

The last week mostly saw me building and/or painting more scenery than miniatures. A bunch of miniature pictures will follow hopefully this or next week. First here we have my … Continue reading

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Haiku: 23.08.2016

見(み)えり也(なり) 川(かわ)な深(ふか)さき 死(し)んだ枝(えだ)   In den Tiefen des Flusses Deutlich zu sehen Die verstorbenen Äste Clearly visible Within the rivers´ depth The dead branches

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Haiku 22.08.2016

駅之屋根(えきのやね) 早(はや)しき風(かぜ)に 芝動(しばうご)く   Auf dem Bahnhofsdach Wiegt sich im Morgenwind Das Schilffgras The patch of grass Swaying in the morning breeze On the stations´ roof  

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