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Reading Time: Michio Kaku

After a long hiatus, I have been reading a little bit and want to write about it.

Michio Kaku is somewhat famous as the “physics guy” here and there, as he regurlary appears on shows and stuff to explain physics. Which is a good thing. In this book he does the same. The title translates as: The Physics of the impossible. Beamer, Phaser, Time machines.


It´s a book, how terrible!

It is now some years old so some of the projects he write about now have been conducted, which makes the book almost even cooler. So what is it about?

Kaku tries to explain in simple terms the fundamental laws of (quantum)physics in order to explain which Sci-Fi technology could be reasonably achieved within the next decades, centuries, millenia or, well, never.

He manages to break it down to an understandable level, of course he leaves out the real mathematics. It is really usefull to get a grasp of the things he talks about and by that about what we are actually capable of atm.

As a high level nerd most of it was basically known to me, but for the typical John Doe, it really is a nice work.

To my pains:

  1. Neither he nor his translator have a real grasp of Star Trek and Star Wars, which confers some moments of “doh”, while reading. He does not know how a lightsaber works, but funnily comes to the same conclusion as Lukas how to build one. He also has no idea what a Phaser is, especially bad as it is written in the title.
  2. With some technologies he leaves out thinkable ways of achieving them, but these mostly are ways that I only know of because I read so much Sc-Fi stuff. Still it sometimes shows his fixed horizon.
  3. In the more complicated ones, he leavea out the mathematics completly, I think that wasted as at least some baics would have gone a long way to make it even better.

None of these things is really terrible, but sometimes annoying. Still I learned some stuff and had a good time while doing it.

It is a nice book for Sci-Fi Game Masters and everyone basically interested in things like this. So money well spent. If you are really knowledgeable in the field you won´t find much new in it.

Have fun.

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