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Painting and Gaming: New Table, Guardians of the Silk Road and in Service of the Jade Dragon

So somewhat of a mixed post. Yesterday I had two games and Yu Jing lost both of them, sadly I was playing Yu Jing one time…

So not all scenery is finished but the mat is there and thus the new board got a go:


Into the desert


sadly no water

So far it turned out well, the things fit together quite nicely, even though some will get a little more yellow added to better fit the mat. Finally not fighting in towns all the time anymore, as a bonus I can use it for Freebooters Fate as well;) Some more Plast Craft is on my building table to allow for more coverage of large models, like O-Yoroi, of which two were fielded yesterday.

First some random pictures.


4 Janissars, one Hafza and a Nasmat from the Engineer


Yoroi no1

So game one was my QK: 4 Janissars (2 HMG, 1 Doc, 1 Tinbot) 1 Hafza Lt, 1 Al´Hawwa FO, 1 Najjarun + Nasmat, 1 Ghulam Doc + Nasmat, 1 Djanbazan Sniper, 1 Bashi with Shotgun, 1 Ghulam Hacker (2.Group).

against his JSA: 5 Keisotsu (1 Hacker, 1 LGL, own group); 1 O-Yoroi, Aragoto Lt, Aragoto Shotgun, Raiden HRL, Tokusetus Kohei, TR Remote, Warcor, Kempetai, EVO Remote and some Yao Zao.

Mission was to plant repeaters into the enemy half and photograph enemy soldiers (20×20)

So I started and my Link team almost wrecked his Yoroi and shut down his TR Remote. He then repaired the Yoroi, shot down one Janissar and his one Aragoto got shot by the Djanbazan in ARO, the other one failed to place a repeater.A Janissar shot down the Warcor, who tried to make a picture of him.

My Al´Hawwa was a hero, shot down the Aragoto, placed his beacon and together with the Bashi and the Djanabazan took down the Yoroi with his shotgun. The Janisssar was healed.

My Al´Hawwa killed the Kempetai, who wanted to dislodge him and shot the Yao Zao on his way in. The bot survived the hit and repaired the Yoroi with a 20… The Djanbazan killed the Raiden in ARO. A Keisotsu palced a repeater.

The Djanbazan shot down the Keisotsu Hacker, the Al´Hawwa photographed the Warcor and then we quit. I had five orders and a five man link team, the downed Janissar was healed by the Akbar doctor and he was down to 4 Keisotsu, an EVO and an engineer.

Brutal game but the table held well, dice were moderate with four crits overall



No 2 is hiding behind the tower


A better view od number 2


My faithful Engineer

I just have finished painting my O-Yoroi, so it had to be on the tabel no matter what. Mission was activating consoles in order and keep troops alive.

My list: Aka Aku (O-Yoroi), Tokusetsu Kohei and Eisei + Nasmats, Minesweeper Bot, Monk, Rui Shi, Dao Fei Hacker Guilang Sniper, Shang Ji Lt and a CG Hacker.


Intruder CR, Intruder HMG, Mobile Brigada HMG, 3 Wildcats (Hacker, Lt), 1 Alquacil, Moran FO, Bandit Killer Hacker, Daktari + Zonbot; 2 Tomcat Engineer (2. Group)

So he started and ended the game within his first six orders.

Brigada Discovers Guilang,

Intruder shots Guilang – crit.

Brigada shots Yoroi – 1 failed save

Brigada shots Yoroi – nothing

Brigada shots Yoroi – crit.

Brigada shots Yoroi – crit.

wow, not even one hit was granted to my new TAG 😦

Bandit gets Objective, Moran gets objective, some shuffling.

Brigada wants to put Yoroi down – crit.

Seriously !!!!

My turn I get some objectives and do some supression, only good thing I turn a Koala with my minesweeper.

His turn Brigada loses a Hit point to the Koala and attacks my Rui Shi first time nothing, second time – crit.

That starts getting old. Shuffling Moran fails to get objective three times.

My turn. I repair the Rui Shi, gun down the Brigada and attack a Wildcat, Wildcat shoots back – crit.

No comment.

I kill the Moran and my LT gets isolated for it.

He brings in his Tomcats, one gets the objective and guns down my doc, but gets killed by the Shang Ji. Monk is put down, sadly no crit.

My turn I fail to activate an objective on a 16, with it it would have been a draw, so I lose.

Well despite everything a close battle, which shows the great balancing of this game, but it was highly frustrating, as everything was thwarted by dice, by the way my only crit occured while shooting an unconscious Tomcat… Sometimes I hate dice.

Also I really like my new table.


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