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The Building Bench: Green Stuff Breasts for Infinity

So as I was asked on the international forums to show these, and as I can´t upload anything there, here are some pictures of self-done green Stuff workto turn more … Continue reading

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Army Parade 1: Qapu Khalqi

So something I wanted to do for a long time. As I had a board up, time and some sun I took pictures of my so far finished QK army. … Continue reading

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Haiku: 13.09.2016

静(しず)か家(いえ) 蝶(ちょう)ゆっくりな 飛(と)び也(なり) Durchs stille Haus flattert langsam ein einzelner Schmetterling a lone butterfly flies slowly through the silent home

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Haiku: 11.09.2016

夕日影(ゆうひかげ) 集(あつ)まりき鴨(かも) 池映(いけうつ)し Die versammelten Enten spiegeln sich im Teich im Schatten der Dämmerung In twilight gathered the score of ducks reflect in the pond

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With Blood and Sweat: Transmission Matrix

Finally a battlereport from me again. We wanted to play an ITS mission, as we are intending to run a tournament, maybe even this year. So we played transmission matrix … Continue reading

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Reading Time: Thinking fast and slow

So this book came to me as an unexpected present and it reminded me, that you should gift other people with books more often. I never before heard of the … Continue reading

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Travel Time: The Netherlands Southwest

So mostly due to my parents I returned to the Netherlands after a long time. I always joke about the country, because that is what we do in Germany:) Still … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: Marvel Maniacs

So I painted Emma Frost today. Due to two friends I will get into the Marvel Miniatures game. The rules are fun, the balancing is crap, but hey. The miniature … Continue reading

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Haiku 02.09.2016

茶色鳩(ちゃいろはと) 通(かよ)う電車(でんしゃ)が 目(め)お向(む)ける Ruhig betrachtet Die braune Taube den vorbeifahrenden Zug A brown dove Watches unmovingly the passing train

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