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The Paint Pain: Marvel Maniacs

So I painted Emma Frost today.


The white chick

Due to two friends I will get into the Marvel Miniatures game. The rules are fun, the balancing is crap, but hey. The miniature quality is overall high, just her eyes were not really soo much sculpted, so the eyes got the easy, shining, one-colour version. Also the miniatures are ridiciously overpriced, well that´s licence stuff there for you 😦

I have to say that painting her was an almost sexual experience (I know some of you will get that wrong, suit yourself). I love women and I love sexy, powerful, fighting women, also I love comics and I love painting women. That´s all there is to that (I guess at least). It was fun and turned out quite well. I could have done better, but well time matters sadly. Also the first time I did real blacklining and I am okay with the results.

I went for a redhead as I am no fan of blondes and a sucker for redheads;) Also her skin has a rather dark tone, as I am a sucker for latinos as well. She even has some rouge on her checks.

In between I almost abandonde my plan of the blue based white colour scheme as I had reached this step:


Black Chick

Oh, you are beautiful. Black and red is just an awesome combo.

The in between step alsowas quite nice.


Blue chick

So, now to figure out how to paint Gambit…


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