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Reading Time: Thinking fast and slow

So this book came to me as an unexpected present and it reminded me, that you should gift other people with books more often.

I never before heard of the man, and when I saw that he was a nobel lauretee for ecomomics I was sceptical.


Here it is

Well I was wrong. Mainly based on psychological studies done over decades of his work and other people it has a sound base, unlike economics.

The book deals with the decision making processes we face everyday – and how little we think about them. It is a very enlightening and terrifying book. It makes you re-evaluate a lot of your life choices and makes you fear for the future of mankind. It also helps you by giving you some ideas how to cope with the described problems.

You should take your time reading it and the style makes it quite readable as well. There were only a few parts that I had trouble understanding and frankly one of them still eludes me to its´ logic.

At the end two articles of the author are reproduced as well, that is good thinking and very nice, as access to scientific articles is generally not easy.

The book also reinforced my oppinion about modern economics being a shitload of crap, as it proves that most people working the stock market commonly ruin peoples lives by decisions they did not even think about. So once more I know that the world needs a new system, but also I learned that it will be very hard to change.

In any case it is a really good book and I can heartily advise to read it.

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