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With Blood and Sweat: Transmission Matrix

Finally a battlereport from me again.

We wanted to play an ITS mission, as we are intending to run a tournament, maybe even this year. So we played transmission matrix and I did not take three Guarda de Assalto because of the repeaters…

Also I just built together a list with the Dragao, because…I wanted to play with a Dragao;)

So here is my Army:

saa-1 saa-2

First group:

Regular (Ernesto J. Silva), Regular (Hernandez Maria Barulla), Regular Lt. (“Sarge”), Regular Minelayer (Maria Estella Gevallo), Dragao (Jerome – Nusquam Occultare), Akal Hacker (Rafaella Kaur), Machinist (Aroha Maata) + Palbot, Machinist (Jester Braun) + Palbot, Trauma Doc (Famke Marsch) + 2 Palbots, Teucer (Michel Cohen)

2.group: Evo Mulebot, Minesweeper Mulebot

His army:

nomadenarmee-2 nomadenarmee

  1. Group: Intruder HMG, Mobile Brigada HMG, Wildcat Hacker, Wildcat Hacker, Wildcat Lt, Alquacil Paramedic, Alquacil FO, Alquacil Hacker, Moran FO, Bandit Killer Hacker
  2. Group: Daktari + Zondbot, Clockmaker + Zondbot, Tomcat with E/Mitter

Here is the board:


Now with more buildings:)

He won the roll off and decided to go first (I was happy at this point) and I took the side with the sniper tower.

Our Classifieds: Nomads:




So he deployed quite in a long way, with his Intruder, Doctor and Wildcat Hacker 1 guarding his left (my left) flank, the link team in the middle (the Brigada went there as reserve as well), the bandit was close to the central antenna and the clockmaker and the rest of the Wildcats guarding his right flank.

aufstellung-nomaden-2 aufstellung-nomaden-3 aufstellung

SO I put my Link Team on my left, Maria and Hernandez aiming for AROs, Aroha, the Minesweeper, Arohas Bot, the Doctors Bot and Michel (Teucer) went there as well. Michel prone on the tower. Jerome took center. Famke, Jester, and the Evo went on to the right, supported by Jerome. The other bots were around.


So we begann and totally forgot to take pictures, so only some of them at the end…

Nomads 1

The Brigada started to move and went up against the Link Team, sending Maria and Hernandez unconscious after several orders. One of Famkes bots and the Minesweeper went down was well. The bandit positioned himselrf better and a Tomcat appeared, put down a mine and went up against Jerome with his E/Mitter. It was brave but foolish and she was taken down, but she still breathed as she saved one wound from the DA Round. 3 Antennas secured, as the Brigada stood on the central one, as did the Bandit.


I move the Evo bot into my first group.

First Michel stood up and landed two hits on the Brigada with his Feuerbach. I was happy, then he made all six!!! saves and ducked into cover. Boy hard guy. I shot at the Bandit (he dodged after I declared discover shoot with Michel) and the got away. Damn it, okay blow a hole in the wall and kill the Brigada then.I miss the wall once and it makes tow saves… Okay, time to invest orders somewhere else.

Rafallea jumps in and proceeds to shot down the Wildcat at his leftmost objective, the Daktari and the Moran (after his Koalas got cleared by one of Famkes Bots, which only lost one wound). The failed to Data scan the Moran.

Antennas 2:2 = one point each

Nomads 2

Clockmacker switches group.

Brigada comes out and fires at Michel, gets hit and fails two saves…fate can be sarcastic.

Intruder comes out and surprise shots Michel, he loses a wound, the Intruder that is.

His Paramedic (his girl of the match) marches off and shots medshots into the Wildcat Hacker and the Intruder and both rise again – awesome stuff.

The Intruder then uses up three more orders to shot down Michel for good. As a last trick he tries to revive his Brigada as well, but the shot misses.

Again 3 Antennas secured for Nomads. Also he got classified for doctoring.


Rafaella uses two more orders to finally Data Scan the Moran and again shoots down the Wildcat at the objective. Also she shots the Daktari out of the game. Aroha repairs the Minesweeper and runs her bot to the HVT to “ask” him. 2 Classifieds in one round. Jerome moves up and fails to discover the bandit.

Antennas 2:2 = 1 point each, 2 points for Nomads and 4 for me for Classifieds.

Nomad 3

What to do? The Alquacil hits the Brigada with the pistol and the Brigada dies. The Wildcat on the other hand returns to life – again!

The Link team moves up to the central objective and the Intruder runs to the left on, being discovered by Jerome along the way. The Bandit moves into cover and does not get detected during it. The link breaks and goes in supressive as does the Wildcat on the objective. his Lt. crawls up the hill to present an ARO threat.

3 Antennas in Nomads hand.



So Jerome time. First he strikes down the Intruder nicely with three unsaved wounds. The Rafaella tries to shot down the Wildcat and takes two hits, but survives. Jerome moves forward and fires at his Lt, hitting her three times including a crit on 18 and takes her out. Same move he goes up against his Paramedic and loses to the supressing woman, takes a hit and loses one structure- nice girl!

Next step his Bandit bides his time and the Paramedic again wins the fire fight with the Dragao, this time the armour holds though.

An intuitve attack on the bandit, sees him firing back but being hit. Still he survives the flame and hides.

Rafaella gives it another try and takes down the Wildcat for good with a crit and another hit. The game is finished here as we now both again have two objectives. Jerome climbs up and the other Wildcat Hacker ducks into cover, so that I can´t kill him.

Moving forward he kills the Clockmaker and then goes against the Paramedic in a final duell.

showdown-1 showdown

Which she loses, but she survives the two hits – awesome girl!

So in the end it was 7-5 for me,there were not many crits and if I hadn´t maneuvred wisely around the antennas it would have been different. Even though a nice close game, my biggest advantage was the amount of orders he needed to heal up his key models.

All in all a good game on a nice board:) CY

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