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Reading Time: Political and media scientific analysis.

So one of the books is finally down The title translates as: Wolverine becomes a congressman. About the political potential of comic movies. The author tries to apply two differing … Continue reading

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Music: Amaranthe

I once more made the mistake to not listen to enough music for a while. I keep making this mistake and every time I end it I swear to not … Continue reading

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Experiment – A thing to do?

Here is a small experiment which might help you feel better. If you look around you on the street you generally see people with grumpy expressions. Why is that? As … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: Dropzone almost through

So as said at the beginning of this month I wanted to concentrate on Dropzone and by now everything I bought at the fair + what I bought directly after … Continue reading

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Haiku 25.11.2016

もう夜無(よるむ) 茶色(ちゃいろ)な天涯(てんがい) 枯(か)れ木在(きあ)る In der Dämmerung leuchten die verwitterten Bäume vor dem braunen Horizont The withered trees stand alight in brownish dusk

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Anniversary Post, Plans & Platitudes

So one more year down and I am still occasionally showing up here.That is good I guess:) I am impressed that over 100 people are following me here. Thank you. … Continue reading

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