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The Paint Pain: Dropzone almost through

So as said at the beginning of this month I wanted to concentrate on Dropzone and by now everything I bought at the fair + what I bought directly after + what I got as birthday presents is finished (except for coating).


Bad picture I know, one day I will get a good camera. Or a smart phone cam, which only can make sharp pictures because of the physics of lenses you know 😉


My HQ Neptune with inverted colours


Katyusha 2670 style -you gotta love Helios


Ms. Style, one of 3000 Medusas flufwise, I wonder if Hawk will cap the production at that point?

The only six left are the additional things I bought, to round up some army choices (and also I needed to order some more stuff, as I ordered a present for a friend and it was not yet free postage level;)) They all were primed today and now are turquoise already, they should be finished till the end of next week. Then they all get a familiy varnishing and I move on to paint something else, like…well there is a lot to choose from.


2 Odin, 2 Eerebos and 2 Angelos, as well as some swap weapons

Till then.


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