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Music: Amaranthe

I once more made the mistake to not listen to enough music for a while. I keep making this mistake and every time I end it I swear to not do it again. Well we´ll see.2

Through a friend I came across Amaranthe a Danish-swedish band who has been around for some years now. The have an interesting mix. With three singers (I love duets anyway) who mostly appear in all songs and a base metal line sprinkled with electronic parts, rounded up with pop-music like refrains.

Hiw do I feel about that?

They have one female voice – I love metal and female singers (also someone with such cool hair deserves to be heard – yes, a totally logical argument I know;)), but also a death metal grunger – I hate these and also here in over 90% of the songs he just could be left out without taking down the quality of the experience.elizeryd-bild21-johancarlen

Metal – sure thing,  why do you even ask?

Electronic – I generally despise that and there are parts which I find horrible, but generally they manage to incorporate it without much strain. So it is a good use of an instrument within the whole, so I am basically okay with it. Still many songs would benefit from its´ abstinence.

The pop-refrains – Well they are quite sticky and give the song an easily recognizable feature, even though they reek of mainstream attention grabbing. Again they are incorporated quite well.

In all: Amaranthe uses a lot of elements that I dislike on their own, but manage to put them together to something which easily pleases the ear. They certainly are trying something new, which is good. As much as I like classical music, it has to evolve with all of us. (If only mankind would evolve so fast…)

Good listening to you all. th

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