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Art and Movie Time: Humour / Your Highness

So a rather spontaneous and random post today, as I am told that in a way is the way it is supposed to be with blogposts anyway. I said I … Continue reading

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With Blood and Sweat: Antenna Field

So I took the opportunity to field my Shock Army after some time, having finished painting the Tikbalang this morning I wanted to run it, and my opponent wanted to … Continue reading

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Haiku 02.01.2017

新年朝者(しんねんあさは) 最初家出(さいしょいえでて) 新雪有也(しんせつあり)   Ein Morgen im neuen Jahr Ich verlasse zum ersten Mal das Haus hinein in den frischen Schnee   The new years´ first steps outside home Carry … Continue reading

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Haiku 05.01.2017

05.01.17 また上(のぼ)り 石階段花(せきかいだんはな) 枯(か)れられた Erneut erklimme ich die steinerne Treppe Die einsame Blume ist nun verwittert   As I reclimb the steps of stones The lonesome flower now has withered

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