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Art and Movie Time: Humour / Your Highness

So a rather spontaneous and random post today, as I am told that in a way is the way it is supposed to be with blogposts anyway.

I said I wanted to talk more about art and I will, just now it will happen together with talking about this movie. I found it by pure accident through a youtube video about the usage of medieval weapons for women in movies, as there the picture, which is the featured image of this post, appeared.

Hands down I am a sucker for Natlie Portman, I adore her and love almost all of her play. That she played in Star Wars and is my age probably has nothing to do with it though… so much for priming, moving on.

I tracked down the movie and my streaming service had it, voila, time to watch. It was supposed to be a comedy and I could need some laughs. Especially as my vacation end on monday and I don´t want to go to work again, even though things there have improved…sidetracked again.

As expected the movie wasn´t really funny.your_highness_poster06

Funnily it had all the ingredients of a good fantasy movie: a evil, powerful overlord; brave heroes who have to overcome her fears; a decent, thought-through magic system, riddles and some morals.

The humour mostly was blunt, fecal and forced. The main character is a slacker first grade and has absolutely nothing going for him. In a way he is a represantation of a generation of people who never did anything and expect the world to be treat them like princes for being assholes. Yupp, that is what he is. As such a creature he is childish and oblivious to everything around him. The sexual language also of course speaks to the parody of the GoT and other sexual fantasy series these days, which is as such not a bad thing as it attacks sexual bigotry. But again blunt and to the point, as if the generation doesn´t understand anything else.  By the way the movie is absolutely meant to be watched while high, at least I assume, but I can´t tell exactly as I don´t do that crap.

Of course there is a scene in the film where he changes convictions and becomes someone to rely upon. Sadly nothing of it happens on screen and it is never really explored, just like everything else in this movie it is assumed.

So what are the good points?

your_highness_poster03 2010_your_highness_wallpaper_012

Besides her playing a badass, I mean. Which is one of the points actually, on a very basic level the movie challenges and lays bare many a stereotpye and trope. I hope that is by design and not by accident. Some of them are played for laughs on the blunt level as well, others are not.

Isabelle (Portman) is insanely driven, ruthless, competent, eager, brutal and vengeful, a typical male fantasy character, especially in the form of the stranger, which she also emulates. The movie plays on that with the main character wanting to protect her because he is a man, of course getting his ass handed by her in the process.

The movie also simply names things as such as their basic principle. Everything is plain, as they talk of quests, which plays into the MMOG crowd, which actually made that word popular in “normal” human beings, but also you get the idea that the movie sometimes des not realize that this word is not used like this. The Knight in the end confessing his manly love to the prince plays on the implyied homosexuality of warriorbands and so on. Several good things there, on a deeper level, which often comes as open jokes. So, not so bad, when one wants to see the challenges or can for that matter…

On another note, the CGI was okay and the Minotaur was awesome, easily one of the best I have seen on screen and also a stereotype twisted as he is killed, when it seems that communication was to ensue. Maybe our hero did not learn as fast as we hoped…

Had it not been a comedy there was everything present for agood work of art here, well sadly only some hints.

So it is not really a good movie, but has some decent ideas for fantasy plots. More about art to follow, some hints are in here.

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