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The Paint Pain: Marvel, Infinity and X-Wing

So finally some more pictures of painted metal things. After a long while I finished the first models from Red Veil, even when the Red Turban is a blue one:)

I am a little aggravted about the Marvel Miniatures, a week, after I painted most of my X-Men they kill the game. Thank you not Knight Models – you suck, at least a warning would have been nice.


dscn3554 dscn3555 dscn3558 dscn3559 dscn3560 dscn3561 dscn3562

I always liked Rogue and this colour works well on her, yet again the face was disappointing to paint.

dscn3565 dscn3566 dscn3567

Good old Jeannie, I copied the colours from the 2000 ZV show here.

dscn3568 dscn3569 dscn3570

Colossus, really easy to paint, I have to say.

dscn3571 dscn3572

I never liked Cyclops much, the mediocre sculpt didn ´t inspire hard work either.

dscn3573 dscn3574 dscn3575

My first two Aleph Bots who will work for NeoTerra, Aleph and the Imperial Service, well someday. Hopefully I will get better with the blue on metal in the future

dscn3576 dscn3577 dscn3578 dscn3579 dscn3580 dscn3581 dscn3582

Auxillia 3 and 4 with their Auxbots 😀 There is a purple and a pink squad in my NeoTerra.

dscn3583 dscn3584 dscn3585 dscn3587

Obviously the Red Turban, no mistake possible…

dscn3588 dscn3589 dscn3590 dscn3591

The Space Marine, erh, sorry Al Fasid. I am not in favour of this sculpt, where it not for the Ninja, I wouldn´t even have bothered with Red Veil to be honest.

dscn3592 dscn3593 dscn3594 dscn3595 dscn3596

I love this U-Wing, despite better knowledge I spent money today and wasted no time in repainting this beauty. I haven´t been playing X-Wing for a while.Guess I have to brush up on my Rebels.

CY soon

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