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To Battle X-Wing

So yesterday I came around to do some X-Wing after a long while, and my flying sucked as did my dice and rules knowledge…

My new gaming buddy wanted to see the Shuttle in action and so I brought it and a TIE Advanced as well, supported by two Tie Fighters.

He had a Falcon piloted by Rei and Finn on board an ARC and an A-Wing.

I hate the Falcon. The combo with Rei and Finn is really hard and also both of us couldn´t evade anything, so a Falcon with 4 Hull Points and an A-Wing with one survived.


In the second game (here in the 1st picture), he swapped the Falcon against Poe Dameron and a B-Wing, it was a close call but this time my TIEs came up first, even though the Shuttle exploded again.

X-Wing is still a good game, I am only pissed that some very useful upgrade cards are in (f)ugly ships like the Ghost. Damn it.

Hopefully to more gaming soon.

May the … you know the rest.

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