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Haiku 21.03.2017

公園也(こうえんなり) 枯(か)れ木隣(きとなり) 桜咲(さくらさ)き Inmitten des Parks Verblüht neben dem Winterbaum Die Kirsche   Within the park The cherry blooms already Next to the winters´ tree   晩(ばん)な駅(えき)に かいだん影(かげ)で 弐小鼠(にこねずみ) Bahnhof … Continue reading

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Building Bench and Painting Pains: Infinity, Freebooters, Bushido and X-Wing

So I´ve done some more painting and building. Especially the Micro Art Street Furniture which finally arrived. More in a second: First the ARC-170, I like the design but not … Continue reading

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Haiku 03.03.2017

岡な上 春な暗さに 町な灯き Auf dem Hügel Im Dunkeln des Frühlingsnacht Die Lichter der Großstadt Upon the hill Within the spring dark Shine the city lights

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Haiku 02.03.2017

すんで隠然(いんぜん) 白(しろ)し自転車(じてんしゃ)に 赤(あか)し花(はな) Am weißen Fahrrad Versteckt beinah –              Die roten Blumen Almost hidden are The red flowers –              on the white bikes´ frame

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