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Future (?) Problems: Frustration Tolerance

So these last days I had some observations, again. And today I am able to get myself to write something, so let´s talk about it. One of the biggest problems … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: More Haqqislam Girl Power

So being on holiday obviously helps with painting, who would have thought. I am now down to four to be white Haqqislamites and totally fed up with the paint scheme … Continue reading

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Fanboy Time: Fat Yuan Yuan

They did it again, after giving the fans the Artbook one with miniature dossiers, Corvus Belli released a Fat Yuan Yuan. Something which the community has asked for for several … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: Bushido and (Mostly) Hassassin

So some miniatures again. After finally obtaining batteries, which do not run out of juice after seven pictures, I even got some photographies. First the Bushido ones, once more I … Continue reading

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Another Haiku 13.05.2017

13.05.2017 信号上(しんごうじょう) 駒鳥寸秒(こまどりすんびょう) いなくなる Für einen kurzen Moment Auf der Ampel -ein Rotkehlchen A moments´ glance and the Robin on the traffic light Is gone again

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Haiku 15.05.2017

15.05.2017 晩暑(ばんあつ)さ 鉄路(てつろ)上舞(うえま)う 浅紅蝶(せんこうちょう) Ein pinker Schmetterling Tanzt über den Gleisen In der Abendhitze In the suns´ dying heat a pink butterly dances above the tracks

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Haiku 13.05.2017

橋柱(はしばしら) 枯葉残(かれはのこ)り前(ぜん) 青(あお)しき葉(は) Verwelkte Blätter verbleiben auf dem Brückenpfeiler, darüber sprießen die Grünen Withered leaves remain upon the bridges pillar, upon that the green are blooming

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Haiku 10.05.2017

青(あお)し坂(さか) 下降鳩足(かこうはとあし) がさがさす Auf dem grünen Hang Ein raschelnder Abstieg Der beiden Tauben On the green steep The bushes rattle Under the doves feet

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