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The Paint Pain: Bushido and (Mostly) Hassassin

So some miniatures again. After finally obtaining batteries, which do not run out of juice after seven pictures, I even got some photographies.

First the Bushido ones, once more I noticed how painting is tied to motivation for me. I needed them finished because I have to write an article about them. I like the miniatures and the paint job is okay, but they are a long shot from what I always imagined they would look like, when I finally paint them. Seems I really do need the freedom to paint what I want, when I want, in order for paint jobs to be good.

The I finally finishes some more Hassassins, the final two Govad from the box, my three Daylami (which are based on the Red Veil Ghilim) and a Zhayedan (who is not a Hassassin, but an real badass). I really like the design and fluff of the Govads, sadly the poses are a little bit bland. My Daylami just were made by obscuring their faces and my tribal desert warriors were ready for some snow fighting.

Some three more are half finished and hopefully appear here soon. As much as I love my snow coloured Haqqislamites, they are a pain to paint.



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